The SSD Method

The SSD Method stands for Spirituality, Self-love, Discipline. The 3 are connected and they are only effective when implemented together, which means without one, the other won't really work. 

Not only The SSD Method has transformed my life, but It is my signature process in helping my client

Not only The SSD Method has transformed my life, but It is my signature process in helping my clients create the life they desire and deserve


Spirituality is in the center of my coaching, mentoring and everything that I do in life. Some of the techniques we use in our sessions and as homework, involves some form of spiritual practice, from guided meditation and breath work to helping you balance your chakras, practice grounding and more. These techniques and tools help you connect to your higher self, raise you vibration and connect with the magical energy of yourself and the universe. I will also show you ways to raise your vibration.  A lot of our breakthroughs happens here. Spiritual approach helps you align your frequency with the frequency of what you want to manifest in life. This is the most important step of all as without it, the other steps won’t be effective. Don't worry if you are not 100% sure how to apply some of these tools. I'm here to guide and support you through it all.





The secrete to overcoming self-limiting beliefs is self-love. When you fall in love with yourself and smile from your heart, magic happens. Once you made the conscious decision to create happiness in your life and achieve your desires, we will create a road map to get you there. Self-love is so important.  You can’t just say I love myself but not really feel it. In order to fall in love with yourself and overcome self-limiting beliefs,  we need to dig deep. What is your story? What has brought you to this point of your life? What is it that you really want in life? What is stopping you? together, we'll explore your values, aspiration and what makes you happy. Your daily habits play a huge role. Your environment and current situation such as your job, your home and the people in your life play a massive part in your healing journey. We will set goals and new daily habits will be introduced. This is your brief road map to self-love. Of course, we will really dig deep once we start working together and explore more.

Discipline and consistency


Once we establish the road map towards achieving self-love and set goals towards creating your ideal life, you need to be disciplined and consistent with practices and implementation of new habits. Discipline is making a conscious decision to do something that you set out to do and being consistent with it. It is another key to achieving your goals and I will help you apply this step with the use of different tools and techniques to maximise the positive outcomes.