What if I’m not a spiritual person. Can you still help me?

I’m a spiritual mindset couch and I only can help my clients through a spiritual journey.

I suffer from PTSD, can you still work with me?

I used to suffer from PTSD too and I helped myself heal. It depends on the severity of your trauma. If you're not sure, just book a discovery call and lets see if I can help you.

Did you use medication and therapy while you were on your healing journey?

In the past, I have tried therapy and different kinds of it. I also have tried different types of anti-depression medication, but I had to stop after 2 weeks and with some medication even sooner, because none of them worked. I had severe side effects. (Please note: this is not medical advice and merely my personal experience).

Why do you think your method works?

I have seen many therapists with different approaches in the past and not only I did not get better, but I felt worse. Therapy just didn't work for me. The spiritual approach towards healing and the steps I took was the key in my success towards my healing journey. 

What if I’m in therapy and take medication? Can you still help me?

it depends on the kind of therapy you’re having. If it’s CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). Where you less focus on the past but more on identifying and challenging any negative thinking patterns

How soon can I feel the change and feel the positive effects of our sessions?

It really depends on you. It varies from person to person. Some people feel it on the first day, some feel it on the first week and some the first months. Every person is unique and so is their journey.