About You

Never let Fear decide your future

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Your Self-limiting beliefs 

  • My external circumstances are controlling the quality of my life I'm having or not having 

  • You have a fear of  future uncertainty 

  • No one will listen or care about what I have to say 

  • Comparing yourself to others

  • You don't follow your dreams because you believe you are not capable

  • I can't be my authentic self because of fear of judgment 

  • Beating yourself up mentally

  • You can't handle conflict

  • You don’t know how to set boundaries

  • you’re a people pleaser 

  • You don’t feel worthy of receiving

  • You're a perfectionist 

  • You doubt yourself and every decision you make all the time

  • You can't stand up for yourself 

  • You feel as though everyone is out there to get you

  • You have low self-esteem

  • you don't know how to deal with your racing thoughts and the emotions that rises from it 

  • You keep attracting people and situations that you are trying to run away from

Does any of this sound familiar to you? I helped my self overcome all that and more and I want to help you overcome it too.

What if..

  • You took control of your life

  • Your external circumstances no longer controlled you

  • You let go of fear of failure and judgment 

  • You set boundaries

  • You were assertive

  • You had control over your thoughts and emotions

  • You fell in love with yourself and life

  • You lived a purposeful life

  • You made bold decisions and followed through

  • You didn't need outside validation

  • You felt worthy of receiving greatness

  • You woke up every morning and looked forward to your day

  • You put yourself first

Is Coaching for you?

  • You are 100% ready to let go of your self-limiting beliefs 

  • You are coachable and willing to try to take new direction

  • You believe in spirituality, the power of universe and yourself

  • You are ready to commit 100% to our work and be accountable

  • You are ready to start creating greatness and happiness in your life

  • You are willing to consider your thoughts being challenged

  • You are open to having your belief system and assumptions you have challenged

  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life

  • You are willing to take responsibility for your actions

  • You are ready to take control


No obligation Discovery call 

It is a 30 minuet call, on me, where we get to know one another and see if we are a good fit. 


Before the discovery call, I will send you a Discovery call questionnaire to be completed and returned to me at least few hours before the call.


If during our discovery call we realise that we are not a good match, I'll direct you towards a coach that I know would be a better fit.